Aijaz Zaka Syed

Aijaz Zaka Syed is Opinion Editor and columnist of Khaleej Times, the Middle East’s oldest and largest circulated English daily published from Dubai. An award-winning journalist and widely published and read commentator, Aijaz comes from Hyderabad, India and has been with KT for more than seven years now. He writes a weekly column called View from Dubai. The column, which looks at and comments on the world affairs from a Middle Eastern and Arab-Muslim perspective, is published by  prominent international dailies like Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Middle East Times (Cairo), Palestine Chronicle (the United States), The Turkish Daily News (now called Hurriyet), Dawn (Pakistan), New Nation (Bangladesh), the Sunday Times (Sri Lanka), Radiance, Etemaad Urdu Daily (Hyderabad, India) and others.

Aijaz received the European Union’s prestigious Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize in 2007 for his writings on the Darfur conflict.  Aijaz is married and lives in Dubai. Reading, writing, music and movies are some of his weaknesses or strengths.


One Response to Aijaz Zaka Syed

  1. djkusa says:

    You wrote in response to US’ UN ambassador’s statement that:
    “……’s the Palestinian rockets that started this!”

    “If we are talking of “sequence” and history, Ambassador Khalilzad, why not go back a bit more in time and look what started those homemade, rudimentary rockets in the first place? The answer is Israeli occupation of the past six decades.”

    You are expressing the view that the existance of an Israel of any size is a de facto occupation of Arab land.

    Six decades ago, Israel/Palestine was divided into equal parts — one for Jewish state, one for Palestinian state. The Jews accepted the UN mandate, the Arabs attacked.

    Today, where would you draw the borders for the Jewish and Palestinian states?

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